About Us
We are the leading service provider and helping the top-in-line publishers of the world to unlock innovative revenue opportunities in the hurriedly growing digital and mobile centric marketplace. We provide publishing solutions to the market leaders that help them to make huge gains in cost and quality. We have numerous years of experience in digital asset management, full service project management, editorial development, distribution, publishing and digital content production. We mainly focus in optimizing the content supply chain of our clients. We specialize in content conversion, eBook production, editorial and design services, custom content development, content technology solutions and much more. We are well equipped with team of experts who are well aware with monographs, dictionaries, college textbooks, science technology and medicine, educational course materials, reference materials, non-fiction and fiction, educational, and high quality academic materials.
When it comes to pre-publishing services, we are the one on which you can trust completely. We believe in delivering top-notch quality services to our clients including content transformation services and end-to-end content management services, e-Publishing, data conversion, high quality digital typesetting etc. We believe in working with the publishers that helps us to create and deliver innovative content to the readers as per their needs, while offering agility and new digital products to the publishers with ease.
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