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Content Management and Transformation
Contents have a voice of their own. Especially when they are presented in proper format with appealing style and sound technical structure, they can show their impact on the mindsets of the targeted readers. With the evolution of the online world, the definition of content have changed its course. Presently contents can be represented as thematic representation of documents, voice and even videos.
In the present era, where establishing presence worldwide is the primary agenda for any business concern, authentic and efficient management of content is the foremost need of the hour.
We at Prepress Plus, ensure you to deliver that specific end-to-end business solution in its pro-publication phase. We are a team of experts who are efficient enough to offer you proactive content management solutions that you have always admired of. Prepress Plus are proficient in rendering content transformation services with all modes of digital transcription as per the actual demand of the customers. You can think any sort of content management solutions and we have the expertise to render you your specific content management, transformation and editing services to suit your business needs at the right notch of the hour.
How we define ourselves
We at Prepress Plus, define ourselves as one the most efficient and aggressive content solution provider in this world. We can extend our services for electronic mode of typesetting, edocumenting and analyzing your requirements and offering you solutions that is most convenient for you for publication of your books and journals online. Catering to every specific need of publishers, authors, press and corporate around the world, we see us as one of the most efficient and reliable contents solution providers for you.
What is our advantages
  • Multiple channel oriented content transformation
  • Digital as well as electronic typesetting
  • e-Publishing through (SGML, XML and alike software)
  • Multimedia Content Management
  • Exceptionally immaculate data conversion and transformation
  • Close proximity to customers demands
  • Less repetition and revision of works
  • Ultimate level of data security
  • Room for publishers to repurpose their contents through technology landscaping
In the ever-evolving world of technology transformation, we at Prepress Plus, offer you an exceptional services in terms of time-tested methodology and expert solutions. We keep our pace tuned up with the upcoming transitions and offer you a legitimate solution that you have always envisaged of. With our service solutions you will not only manage your contents efficiently, but also can utilize that catering to multilingual geographical locales around the world!
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